How to Handle Tall & Heavy Furniture Items During Moving & Packing?

Furniture Moving is not easy task specially when there are lots of heavy and tall furniture items to be moved from high rise buildings.  Moving & relocation of heavy furniture items is hectic task either it is inside house or relocating to a new place. You have to follow certain ways and techniques to handle heavy items while moving to a new place. Use your brain not your back to move heavy and tall furniture items. Al Ameer Mover in Al Ain has few useful techniques for smooth movement of large furniture items.

  1.  Two Person Job, High & low technique.

Long tall furniture items are not only heavy but very difficult to handle without proper technique.  Making it 2 person job is the accurate technique, one on the top and the other carry the bottom. These techniques help in centering the weight and keep it in balance. Carrying it up and down is also made easy with this technique as the carrying angle is according to the slope. Al Ameer Furniture Movers Al Ain has dedicated team of professional movers who make all the moving working as a team.

  • Hooking Chairs Around the Corners

Furniture moving has different items involved. Large easy chair may get you in trouble if you are moving it without checking for accurate method. Turning the chair in to side in L shape and moving it in way the Back move first through the doorway, then turn and curl it around the door frame and slip it through. Al Ameer Furniture Movers Al Ain always suggest their valued customers the useful points about furniture moving if they wish to do it their selves.

  • How to mover Sofa

Standing it and maneuvering it through the door help you moving it easily. It is almost impossible to take it horizontally and move it through the door out. Moving it with side and getting it out through the door is the easy way.

  • Shoulder dolly help in furniture moving.

Al Ameer Furniture Movers Al Ain has all the state of the art packing and moving material for easy and safe furniture moving. Note that it can be very tricky while using stairs because it shifts the weight to the person on lower side.

  • Don’t Drag

You can use rubber shapes and sizes which slides the heavy and tall items. Making your own slides from different items like plastic containers, bedspreads & even Frisbees.

  • Covering & Protection

Al Ameer Furniture moving Al Ain utilize many items to protect heavy items.  Wraping it with blankets and then apply the blanket cover and the wrap plastic packing material.

  • Mattress.

Floppy and heavy mattress is tough job to do, though many mattresses have handles but you cant use it for moving it, they are just for setting it on bed. You can use simple rope for moving furniture in al ain, it will provide you with much control. You can thread the rope sling that will give more control and you will easily move it.

  • Fold the box string

Folding the big items also help in moving. Unscrew the beds and other bigger items also helps in moving the items easily.  Al Ameer Furniture Movers Al Ain has all the necessary kits to unscrew all the things within no time and complete the moving process smoothly without any slight damage.

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